The archaeological site of Tamassos is located in the village of Politiko, about 20km southwest of Nicosia. Here there are two royal tombs dating back to the 6th century BC. The tombs are accessible with a staircase, which leads into a small chamber first and then into the burial chamber. Tree trunk patterns have been carved into the roofs of these chambers. Outside the tombs, some column fragments are displayed in the site under a wooden frame. Near Politiko there is the Agios Nikolaos Greek Orthodox church and next to it a Russian Orthodox church whose construction was completed in 2017.
01 Plains and hills 02 Plains and hills 03 Agios Nikolaos Greek Orthodox church
04 Agios Nikolaos Greek Orthodox church 05 Wooden church 06 Russian Orthodox church 07 Russian Orthodox church 08 Fragments of columns
09 Fragments of columns 10 Fragments of columns 11 Tomb entrance 12 Burial chamber
13 Staircase to tomb 14 Staircase to tomb 15 Tomb entrance 16 Tomb interior 17 Tomb interior 18 Inside the tomb
19 Burial chamber 20 Stone sarcophagus 21 Inside the tomb 22 Staircase to tomb 23 Tomb roof
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