Larnaca (also known as Larnaka or Λάρνακα) is a city in Cyprus located on the southern coast 40km southeast of Nicosia. It has an international airport and is the main entry point for tourists into Cyprus. With 85000 inhabitants it is the third largest city in Cyprus. The area of Larnaca has been settled at least since the 13th century BC (city-kingdom of Kition, whose ruins are in the northern part of Larnaca). The city was later ruled by the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Ottomans. Larnaca has a nice long beach and an adjacent harbour. Except for a medieval fort and the church of Saint Lazarus there is not that much in terms of tourist attractions.
01 Christmas tree 02 Kosma Lysioti street 03 Waterfront 04 Yacht harbour
05 Yacht harbour 06 Larnaca municipal gallery 07 Pier 08 Wooden pier
09 Pier 10 Yacht harbour 11 Yacht harbour 12 Beach
13 Medieval fort 14 Medieval fort 15 St Lazarus church 16 St Lazarus church colonnade
17 St Lazarus church 18 St Lazarus church 19 St Lazarus church 20 St Lazarus square
21 Beach 22 Finikoudes beach 23 Beach
24 Finikoudes promenade 25 Eleonora hotel apartments 26 Larnaca airport
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