Paphos is a small city of 60000 inhabitats on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, located 100km southwest of Nicosia and 110km west of Larnaca. It may be a small city, but is a significant tourist centre due to the archaeological sites in and around the city. The site has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, with first Greek and later Roman presence. The structures in the Paphos Archeological Park belong to the Classic, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Its highlights are the well preserved mosaics in the Roman villas. The castle in the harbour area was originally built by the Byzantines, and later rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century. Paphos is a good base from which to explore the west of Cyprus. The entire old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.
01 Panagia Chrysopolitissa church 02 Ruins 03 St Paul pillar 04 St Paul pillar 05 Ayia Kyriaki archaeological area
06 Mosaics 07 Mosaics 08 Mosaics
09 Ayia Kyriaki archaeological area 10 Agia Kyriaki church 11 Panagia Chrysopolitissa church
12 Agia Kyriaki church 13 Panagia Theoskepasti Byzantine church 14 Panagia Theoskepasti Byzantine church 15 Beach
16 Rocky coast 17 Rocky coast 18 Lighthouse
19 Rocky coast 20 Rocky coast 21 St George church 22 St George church
23 St George church 24 Kings Avenue shopping mall 25 Kings Avenue mall 26 Kings Avenue shopping mall 27 Port marine police office
28 Waterfront 29 Waterfront
30 Castle 31 Inside the castle 32 Castle interior 33 Inside the castle 34 Castle interior
35 Paphos castle 36 Paphos castle 37 Sun
38 Harbour 39 Castle walls
40 View of harbour area 41 Coastline 42 Coastline
43 Yachts in the harbour 44 Roman mosaics 45 Roman mosaics 46 Roman mosaics
47 Roman mosaics 48 Roman mosaics 49 Roman mosaics 50 Roman mosaics 51 Roman mosaics
52 Paphos archaeological park 53 Paphos archaeological park
54 Roman mosaics 55 Roman mosaics 56 Roman mosaics 57 Roman mosaics
58 Lighthouse 59 Paphos archaeological park 60 Paphos archaeological park
61 Roman mosaics 62 Roman mosaics 63 Roman mosaics
64 Lighthouse 65 Ancient Odeon theatre 66 Paphos archaeological park 67 Ancient Odeon theater
68 Ancient Odeon theatre 69 Ancient Odeon theater
70 Panagia Chrysopolitissa church
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