Along the eastern coast of Cyprus, 8km north of Famagusta, lie the ruins of the ancient city of Salamis, one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The city was first settled in the 11th century BC by the Greeks and became the richest and most important city on Cyprus for about 1700 years. In the 9th century BC it came under the control of the Assyrian, paying tribute to the Assyrian kings. In Roman times, Salamis was part of the Roman province of Cilicia. Nowadays there are three main structures in Salamis: the Gymnasion and the baths (therme) which were built by the Greeks and later modified by the Romans and Byzantines, the stadium, and the theatre built during the Roman period. Next to the archaeological site there is a nice sandy beach.
01 Pier 02 Beach 03 Beach
04 Therme 05 Therme
06 Therme 07 Therme 08 Gymnasion
09 Gymnasion 10 Gymnasion columns 11 Tiled floor 12 Colonnade
13 Theater 14 Theatre 15 Theater
16 Theater 17 Theatre 18 Theatre 19 Colonnade
20 Corinthian column 21 Salamis ruins 22 City ruins
23 Gymnasion and Therme
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