The Kolossi castle is an ancient crusader castle located 10km west of Limassol, next to the Kolossi village. The main structure of the castle has a cubical shape with sides 16m long and is well preserved, i.e the central "cube" is intact and only the buildings below it are damaged. Initially built by the knights hospitaller in 1210, it became their headquarter in 1291. In 1426 the castle was destroyed by the Mameluks, then rebuilt in 1454 in its present shape. The castle contained a large factory for the production of sugar from the local sugarcane, one of Cyprus main exports in the period.
01 Main entrance 02 Kolossi castle 03 Kolossi castle 04 Kolossi castle
05 Sugar mill ruins 06 Sugar mill 07 Ruins of sugar factory
08 Ruins of sugar factory 09 Window 10 Interior hall 11 Window
12 Crenels 13 View towards Kolossi
14 Crenels 15 View towards east 16 Cultivated fields
17 Sunset 18 Sunset
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