The Akamas peninsula is located about 35km northwest of Paphos and is the westernmost point of Cyprus. Until the year 2000 the peninsula was used by the British army as a firing range. Therefore human settlements and hotels were never developed and the peninsula kept its wild character with a large diversity of flora and fauna. Nowadays the Akamas peninsula is a recreational area which attracts hikers, mountain bikers and off-road drivers. The peninsula is relatively flat, with the highest point only a few hundred metres above sea level. A number of easy trails criss-cross the peninsula. The Baths of Aphrodite are a water pond where the goddess is said to have bathed.
01 Orange tree 02 Orange tree 03 Orange tree 04 Baths of Aphrodite 05 Campsite
06 Steep coast 07 Bay 08 Coastline 09 Rocks 10 Rugged coastline
11 Coastline 12 Akamas coast 13 View towards the cape
14 Akamas peninsula 15 Trail 16 Walking on the trail 17 Maquis shrubland
18 Maquis shrubland 19 Dirt track 20 Hill 21 Goat herd
22 Wide trail 23 Maquis shrubland trail 24 Trail 25 Red trail 26 Juniper
27 Gulf of Akamas 28 Juniper trail 29 Pines
30 Trail 31 Trail 32 Meadow and shrubland 33 Akamas peninsula
34 Gulf of Akamas
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