The village of Bellapais lies on a hillside a couple of km southwest of Kyrenia. Its highlight is the medieval Bellapais abbey which was built in the 12th and 13th centuries in Gothic style. Nowaways only ruins of the abbey are left, but the setting with the garden and the orange trees is picturesque. The abbey is easily accessible by road from Kyrenia, but the roads are very narrow. Car parkings are available at the abbey and a couple of hundred metres before the abbey. The setting of the Bellapais village and the views are beautiful.
01 Ruins 02 Bellapais abbey 03 Inner court
04 View through the gate 05 Bellapais abbey 06 Cloister garden 07 Cloister garden
08 Cloister garden 09 Corridor 10 Refectory 11 Facade 12 Bellapais abbey 13 Souvenir shop
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