The Ming tombs (十三陵 in Chinese; shísanlíng) are a set of tombs located 50 km north of Beijing in the Changping district, in a valley at the foot of the Tianshou mountain. Here 13 of the 16 Ming dynasty (1368-1644) emperors are buried. The Ming tombs consist of 13 imperial tombs, 7 concubines tombs and an eunuch tomb. Of these only three, Changling, Dingling and Zhaoling, are open to the public. The Ming tombs were built between 1409 and 1644. They have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003.
Changling photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Changling
Dingling photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Dingling
Zhaoling photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Zhaoling
Spirit way photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Spirit way
19 photos of Changling, the largest and most impressive Ming tomb
22 photos of Dingling with the underground palace, the only Ming tomb which has ever been excavated
17 photos of Zhaoling, the tomb of emperor Longqing
17 photos of the Spirit Way, which connects the Great Palace gate with the Longfeng gate
Gallery with all images
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