The hutongs (胡同, hútòng in Chinese) are a set of narrow streets and alleys in the historic centre of Beijing. They are formed by lines of siheyuan (四合院, sìhéyuàn in Chinese), traditional residences consisting of a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides. The Bell tower (钟楼, Zhōnglóu in Chinese) is a 48m high brick and stone building with two floors located in the centre of Beijing. In it is a large copper bell, weighing 63 tons and 7m high. Opposite the Bell tower is the Drum tower (鼓楼, Gǔlóu in Chinese), a 47m high red two-storey building which houses a number of large drums which in ancient times were used to announce the time in Beijing. Both towers were built in 1272, and rebuilt twice after two fires.
01 Alley 02 Bell tower 03 Bell tower 04 Bell tower 05 Bell tower staircase
06 Bell 07 Drum tower 08 Hutong area 09 Hutong area 10 Bell
11 Red gate 12 Drum tower staircase 13 Drums hall 14 Souvenir shop
15 Fast food restaurant 16 Fast food restaurant 17 Apparel shop 18 Rooftop restaurant 19 Restaurant
20 Restaurant 21 Meat skewers 22 Meat skewers 23 Hutong
24 Beiguanfang hutong 25 Beiguanfang hutong at dusk
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