The Tanzhe temple (潭柘寺 or Tán Zhè Sì in Chinese) is an old Buddhist temple located 40km west of Beijing. It is located at the base of a heavily forested hill and extends over a number of levels, with halls and pagodas on each level. The Mahavira hall is the main hall of the temple and is 24m long and 33m wide. The Tanzhe temple dates back to the Jin dinasty and is 1700 years old. It can be easily visited as a daytrip from Beijing.
01 Gate 02 Mountain 03 Incense stick 04 Temple gate 05 Road
06 Gate 07 Hall of Heavenly Kings 08 Candle holder 09 Hall of Heavenly Kings 10 Red and yellow prayer cloths
11 Buddhist gong 12 Buddhist gong 13 Grand Hall 14 Candle holder
15 Hall of Heavenly Kings 16 Altar with Buddha statue 17 Golden pillows 18 Pillows and altar
19 Statue of Mahavira 20 Souvenir shop 21 Red temple wall 22 Tanzhe temple 23 Colourful prayer cloths 24 Colourful prayer cloths
25 Golden flag 26 Praying woman 27 Golden prayer wheel 28 Tanzhe temple 29 Golden prayer wheel 30 Golden prayer wheel
31 Prayer tablets 32 Tanzhe temple 33 Tanzhe temple 34 Incense spirals 35 Wall
36 Red temple wall 37 Tanzhe temple
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