The Jingshan park (景山公园, jingshan gongyuan in Chinese) is located immediately north of the FOrbidden City in Beijing. It has an area of 23 ha and contains five artificial peaks with pavilions on top of them. To the west of the Jingshan park lies the Beihai park, a public park with an area of 65ha. Initially set up in the 11th century, it contains a big lake (the Beihai lake) with an island in it. North of Beihai is the Houhai area, with a lake and many restaurants, bars and cafes. This area is popular with Beijingers and tourists who come here in the evenings and nights.
01 Jingshan park 02 Jingshan park 03 Pavilion in Jingshan park 04 Beihai lake
05 Beihai lake 06 Beihai park 07 Beihai park 08 Gate to Jingshan park 09 Pavilion in Jingshan park
10 Staircase in Jingshan park 11 Jingshan pavilion 12 Houhai area at dusk
13 Houhai lake at night 14 Houhai lake at night 15 Gate
16 Houhai restaurants at night 17 Houhai restaurants at night
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