Dingling (定陵 in Chinese) is the tomb of emperor Wanli (1572-1620), the thirteenth emperor of the Ming dynasty, his wife and concubines. It is the only Ming tomb which has ever been excavated (between 1956 and 1957). The underground palace, i.e. the burial chamber, is open to the public. This was built between 1584 and 1586. Its layout is similar to the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty and consists of five halls: the front hall, the middle hall, the left and right halls.
01 Museum
02 Wall with stone carvings
03 Floral decoration 04 Path to exit 05 Chinese gate 06 Tower 07 Tower
08 Tree lined path 09 Rear chamber 10 Rear chamber 11 Middle chamber
12 Front chamber 13 Underground palace exit 14 Tower 15 Stele
16 Stele 17 Dingling park
18 Dingling park
19 Dingling park 20 Exit
21 Stele 22 Stele
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