The Fragrant Hills or Xiangshan park (香山公园, Xiāngshān Gōngyuán in Chinese) in the Western Hills (西山, xishān in Chinese) is a former imperial park located a few km west of the Summer Palace in the northwest of Beijing. The park extends over the slopes of the western hills and covers an area of 1.6km. A number of paths lead from the east gate to the Xianglu peak (香炉峰 in Chinese), a 557 meters hill with two large stones resembling incense burners at the top. The Xianglu peak can also be reached comfortably with a chairlift. All over the park there are buildings, pavilions and gate in classical Chinese architecture. People come here in autumn when the leaves of the trees become red.
01 East gate 02 Second gate 03 Pond and pavilion 04 Pond and pavilion 05 Path to peak
06 Path to peak 07 Path to the summit 08 Xianglu peak 09 Fragrant hills summit 10 Chairlift 11 Path
12 Guy with funny hat 13 Pond and pavilion 14 Pavilion
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