Wangfujing (王府井, Wángfǔjǐng in Chinese) is a long street in Beijing's Dongcheng district immediately east of the Forbidden City with a large pedestrian area and many shops and department stores. It was open to the traffic until the year 2000, when a large section was transformed into a pedestrian area. Wangfujing extends from the Oriental Plaza malls in the south until St Joseph's church in the north. The area attracts tourists who find plenty of shops and souvenir stores. Inhabitants from Beijing however avoid shopping in Wangfujing because of the inflated prices. Wangfujing is easily accessible by public transportation (bus, metro, taxi), although it is difficult to find a taxi once in Wangfujing.
01 Pavement 02 Oriental Plaza Mall 03 Wangfujing street 04 Wangfujing 05 Beijing mall
06 Fried noodles 07 Motorbike 08 Gloves on motorbike 09 Red yang sign
10 Oriental Plaza Mall 11 Finance centre 12 Oriental Plaza Mall
13 Red goat statue 14 Goat statues 15 Goat statues 16 Chongwenmen street
17 Oriental Plaza Mall 18 Wangfujing at night
19 Wangfujing at night 20 Taxi 21 Wangfujing street at night 22 Jumei store 23 Wangfujing at night
24 Department store 25 Pedestrian area with shops 26 St Joseph church
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