Located halfway between Didim and Selcuk, the archaeological site of Priene is one of the best preserved Hellenistic cities in the Ionic region, without the Roman or Byzantine additions typical of so many other ancient Greek sites in the region.
Priene was built in the slopes of a mountain, along the Mediterranean coast. The current structures date back to the 4th century BC and include a well preserved theatre and the scenic remains of a temple of Athena, of which five columns are left standing nowadays.
How to get to Priene
The closest airport is in Bodrum. The only way to reach Priene is by car. From the parking, to reach the site visitors follow a path and a staircase.
Priene is just an archaeological site with no accomodation adjacent to it. Tourists usually stay in one of the nearby cities along the coast.
01 Parking 02 Staircase 03 Sanctuary of Egyptian deities 04 Theatre
05 Seat rows in theatre 06 Seat rows in theatre 07 Seat rows in theatre 08 Seat rows in theatre
09 Theatre 10 Seat of honour in threatre 11 View through forest towards Athena temple 12 Column fragments
13 Column fragments 14 Temple of Athena 15 Temple of Athena columns 16 Temple of Athena
17 Temple of Athena 18 Temple of Athena columns 19 Temple of Athena
20 Column fragments 21 Column fragments 22 Temple of Athena columns 23 Temple of Athena 24 Temple of Athena
25 Column fragments 26 Street in Priene ruins 27 Bouleuterion
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