Xanthos is an ancient Lycian city, located a few km from the coast and about 60km south of Fethiye. Its oldest remaining structures are from the 8th century BC and over time Xanthos went through Persian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine rule.
Nowadays there are impressive ruins scattered over an area of 400m x 500m.
The most significant structure is a Roman amphitheater (built on the site of an earlier Greek structure), in good preservation status and some Lycian tombs placed on pillars. South of the theatre there is an acropolis, north of it an agora.
An ancient road paved with stones leads from the agora eastwards towards a necropolis and the ruins of a Byzantine basilica.
How to get to Xanthos
The only way to reach Xanthos is by car. There is a good paved road from Fethiye.
Xanthos is just an archaeological site with no accomodation adjacent to it. Tourists can stay along the coast in Fethiye, Patara or Kalkan.
01 Agora 02 Agora
03 Theatre 04 Theatre 05 Lycian pillar tombs 06 Lycian pillar tombs
07 Agora 08 Lycian pillar tomb
09 Agora 10 Theatre 11 Theatre
12 Acropolis ruins 13 Acropolis ruins 14 Acropolis ruins
15 Acropolis ruins
16 Acropolis ruins 17 House ruins
18 House ruins 19 House ruins 20 House ruins 21 House ruins 22 Gate to agora
23 Gate to agora 24 Agora ruins 25 Theatre 26 Theatre and pillar tombs
27 Theatre 28 Theatre 29 Theatre seat rows 30 Theatre and pillar tombs 31 Lycian pillar tomb
32 Theatre and pillar tomb 33 Theatre and pillar tomb 34 Flower stone fragment 35 Flower stone fragment 36 Flower stone fragment
37 Flower stone fragment 38 Bas-reliefs 39 Main road in Xanthos 40 Decorated building fragment
41 Basilica ruins 42 Wall ruins 43 Xanthos ruins
44 Flower 45 Wall ruins
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