Midyat is a small city of 60000 inhabitants located about 80km east of Mardin. It has an interesting historic core with many beautiful and richly decorated buildings and a number of Christian churches. Midyat has been settled at least since the 3rd millenium BC, when it was part of the Hurrian kingdom. Until the early 20th century (Christian) Assyrians made up the majority of the population of Midyat. Nowadays only about 500 Syriac Christians live in Midyat, although the churches and houses of the Christians have been well preserved. Overall Midyat is well worth a visit and can be used as a basis from which to explore the monasteries in the area, such as the mother of God and Mor Gabriel monasteries.
How to get to Midyat
Midyat can be easily reached by car from Mardin.
There are several hotels, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Shmayaa hotel 02 Mor Sharbel Syriac Orthodox church 03 Mor Sharbel Syriac Orthodox church 04 Mor Sharbel Syriac Orthodox church 05 Mor Sharbel Syriac Orthodox church
06 Mor Sharbel church interior 07 Mor Sharbel church interior 08 Mor Sharbel church interior 09 Shmayaa hotel 10 Shmayaa hotel windows
11 Midyat 12 Cumhuriyet street 13 Cumhuriyet street 14 Midyat guesthouse 15 Midyat guesthouse
16 Midyat guesthouse 17 Midyat guesthouse 18 Midyat guesthouse 19 Terrace cafe
20 Midyat skyline 21 Midyat 22 Window view 23 Pedestrian area
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