The archaeological site of Miletos (or Miletus) lies 22km north of Didim and several km inland from the coast. Here are the ruins of the ancient city of Miletos, which before the Persian invasion in the 6th century BC was the greatest and wealthiest of Greek cities.
The most significant structure visible nowadays is the theatre, a huge structure with 15000 seats built in Roman times on the site of a previous Greek theatre with 5300 seats. Other ruins are spread over an area of about 500m x 500m. These include baths, two agoras, a temple and a dephinion.
How to get to Miletos
The closest airport is in Bodrum. Miletos can be easily reached by road.
Miletos is just an archaeological site with no accomodation adjacent to it. Tourists usually stay in one of the nearby cities along the coast.
01 Theatre 02 Theatre 03 Theatre
04 Theatre 05 Theatre ruins 06 Theatre 07 Theatre staircase
08 Theatre 09 Seat rows in theatre 10 Passage in theatre
11 Seat rows in theatre 12 Seat rows in theatre 13 Miletos theatre
14 Miletus archaeological site
15 Miletos ruins 16 Theatre citadel
17 Building ruins 18 Shepherd with sheep herd 19 Decorated building fragment
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