Aphrodisias is an archaeological site in western Turkey, located halfway between Izmir and Antalya. The site has a parking for cars and is quite big, extending for about 500m from west to east and north to south. Immediately near the parking there is a museum. The site consists of the ruins (most from the Roman period, although Aphrodisias dates back to Hellenic times) which are all spread over the area. The main structures left are those of a Roman amphitheatre, a temple of Aphrodite after which the site is named, a semi-circular Bouleuterion (council house), an agora, Hadrianic baths and more structures. Despite having been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2017, Aphrodisias doesn't get many visitors.
How to get to Aphrodisias
Aphrodisias can be easily accessed by road from the coast or for instance from Pamukkale.
Tlos is just an archaeological site with no accomodation adjacent to it. Tourists stay along the coast or spend the night in Pamukkale.
01 Sarcophagus 02 Sarcophagus 03 Sarcophagus detail 04 Sebasteion
05 Sebasteion 06 Sebasteion 07 Column fragments 08 Column fragments
09 Tetrastoon 10 Threatre
11 Stadium 12 Stadium 13 Threatre 14 Amphithreatre
15 Threatre 16 Threatre 17 Threatre
18 Hadrianic baths 19 Agora
20 Agora 21 Agora 22 Temple of Aphrodite 23 Aphrodisias ruins
24 Bouleuterion 25 Bouleuterion 26 Temple of Aphrodite 27 Tetrapylon
28 Tetrapylon 29 Tetrapylon 30 Ancient Roman house
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