The archaeological site of Tlos are located on a rocky outcrop at 500m of altitude, about 20km from the coast and 35km southeast of Fethiye. Tlos most likely dates back to the 2nd millennium BC, although little is known about its history. There is a huge and impressive Roman amphitheatre with 34 rows of seats, a few hundred metres away from the ticket counter. The amphitheatre is actually closed for visitors, perhaps due to safety reasons. Another significant structure is the fortress, which is located on a hill and overlooks the entire site. At its food there are several Lycian tombs and further down a stadium. In addition there are the ruins of an agora and of several Roman era buildings.
How to get to Tlos
The only way to reach Tlos is by car following a paved road. Tlos is easily accessible from Fethiye.
Tlos is just an archaeological site with no accomodation adjacent to it. The closest city with accomodation is Fethiye.
01 Theatre 02 Theatre 03 Theatre
04 Theatre 05 Theatre ruins 06 Theatre
07 Tlos agora 08 Fortress
09 Fortress 10 Fortress 11 Theatre seat rows
12 Ottoman castle 13 Theatre ruins 14 Tlos wall ruins 15 Market building
16 Fortress 17 Wall
18 Stadium and fortress 19 Fortress
20 Fortress 21 Market building 22 Lycian graves and castle
23 Lycian sarcophagi 24 Lycian graves 25 Lycian sarcophagi
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