Gaziantep is a large city of 1.5 million inhabitants in southwest Turkey, about 100km inland from the coast. It is a relatively clean and well-off city. The area around Gaziantep has been settled since prehistoric times and contains a multitude of archaeological sites from all ages. The city itself doesn't have too many old structures and buildings. One exception is its picturesque castle.
The main touristic highlight of Gaziantep is the impressive Zeugma museum, the largest mosaic museum in the world, with 1700m² of mosaics. It opened in 2011 and is focused on the ancient city of Zeugma. The Gaziantep museum of archaeology houses a number of exhibits from the paleolithic period until the Ottoman period.
How to get to Gaziantep
Gaziantep has an airport with flights to Turkey and some cities in Europe. It is also close to a good motorway.
There are several hotels, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Zeugma museum 02 Zeugma museum hall 03 Columns in the Zeugma museum 04 Columns in the Zeugma museum
05 Sarcophagus 06 Columns in the Zeugma museum 07 Methiokos mosaic 08 Zeugma museum 09 Floor mosaic
10 Floor mosaic 11 Bust of Dionysus mosaic 12 Bust of Dionysus mosaic 13 Bust of Dionysus mosaic 14 Geometric mosaic
15 Kidnapping of Europa mosaic 16 Kidnapping of Europa mosaic 17 Gipsy girl mosaic 18 Gypsy girl mosaic 19 Dionysus portrait mosaic
20 Dionysus portrait mosaic 21 Dionysus portrait mosaic 22 The ones at breakfast mosaic 23 Geometric mosaic 24 Andromeda Perseus mosaic
25 Yarimca Bagtepe Saridere mosaic 26 Oceanos and Tethys mosaic 27 Dionysus mosaic
28 Halil Usta restaurant 29 Archaeology museum 30 Human statue 31 Storm god stela 32 One handled paint decorated pot
33 Sphinx 34 Kuttamuwa stela 35 Kuttamuwa stela 36 Sphinx orthostate 37 Teshub stela
38 Teshub stela 39 Banquet staged stela 40 Soldiers basrelief 41 Situla bucket 42 Triple spear head
43 Sarcophagus 44 Man head 45 Orkhon inscription stela 46 Castle 47 Castle
48 Castle 49 Minaret 50 Castle
51 Man selling water statue 52 Fruits shop 53 Fruits shop
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