Sematan is a small village at the end of the road which goes from Kuching towards the western end of Sarawak. It lies about 90km northwest of Kuching and is the access point to the Tanjung Datu national park, which is just a short boat ride away. The Sematan village itself has nothing of interest, but there is a very nice and long beach which starts in the village and extends to the west for several km. Accommodation is available in the Sematan palm beach resort, a cozy three star establishment directly on the beach. The simplest way to reach Sematan is to take a taxi from Kuching (130 RM).
01 Beach 02 Beach 03 Beach
04 Seawater 05 Sematan palm beach resort 06 Sematan palm beach resort 07 Palm trees and beach
08 Palm trees and beach 09 Beach 10 Beach
11 Beach 12 Beach at dusk
13 Beach at dusk 14 Sunset on beach 15 Sunset on beach
16 Beach resort at night 17 Beach resort at night 18 Shops in Sematan village
19 Shops in Sematan village 20 Market square in Sematan 21 Shops in Sematan village 22 Shops in Sematan village
23 Waterfront 24 Waterfront 25 Waterfront and boats
26 Waterfront and boats 27 Pier 28 Mangroves
29 Waterfront and boats 30 Waterfront
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