Lambir hills is a relatively small national park of 7000 ha located 32km south of Miri, along the road to Niah. The park was set up in 1975 and covers a small rainforest area surrounded by plantations. Due to its small size it can't support a population of larger mammals such as bears or large monkeys.
The park is primarily a recreation area for the local population and as such offers a total of 13 forest trails ranging from 0.8km to 6.3km in length. In addition to beautiful rainforest the park also contains a number of waterfalls. The Lambir hills national park extends between 150 and 465m of altitude.
The Borneo Tropical Rainforest resort is a private resort located in the park. It offers accomodation and recreation facilities for tourists (including a waterpark with games for chidren).
How to get to the Lambir hills national park
The simplest way is to drive from Miri with a car to Lambir hills. There are also bus connections to Miri and Niah.
There is accomodation at the Borneo Tropical Rainforest resort. Alternatively visitors can stay in a hotel in Miri.
01 Entrance to national park 02 Park headquarter 03 Staircase
04 Bridge over pond 05 Tropical rainforest 06 Tropical rainforest 07 Stilt house over pond 08 Suspension bridge
09 Suspension bridge 10 Forest trail 11 Forest trail 12 Waterfall 13 Licuala valida palm tree
14 Playground and swimming pool 15 Tropical rainforest 16 Tropical rainforest 17 Tall tree
18 Oil palm plantation and ranforest 19 Paved road
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