Bau is a small city 40km southwest of Kuching. The city has some colonial era buildings, and a poisoned, but very picturesque lake with blue waters. West and southwest of the city there are two limestone caves, the Wind cave and the Fairy cave, both open for tourists.
The Wind cave is closer to Bau (only 2km distance), but is also the smaller and the less interesting of the two caves. This cave is very dark and can only be visited with a torchlight. Inside there is a network of paths, but otherwise no terribly impressive rock formations.
The Wind cave is 8km from the centre of Bau and is the larger and more imoressive of the two caves. Visitors access the cave through a staircase which leads to the cave entrance. After a narrow and steep passage follows a very large chamber with impressive rock formations. The chamber continues for a while, but gets darker the deeper you get into the mountain. Inside there are paved paths.
How to get to Bau
Buses leave Kuching every hour for Bau, but to reach the caves it is necessary to take a taxi. The simplest thing is to go to Bau with a rented car.
While Bau has some simple Accommodation and homestays, most visitors stay in Kuching which is less than an hour by car away.
01 Stacked cars 02 Access road to Fairy cave 03 Fairy cave site
04 Rice fields and banana trees 05 Board with entrance fees for Fairy cave 06 Staircase to Fairy cave 07 Fairy cave
08 Fairy cave 09 Fairy cave 10 Rock formation in Fairy cave 11 Fairy cave
12 Rock formations in Fairy cave 13 Fairy cave 14 Rock formations in Fairy cave
15 Fairy cave 16 Fairy cave 17 Path to Wind cave 18 Wind cave plankway
19 Wind cave 20 Wind cave 21 Wind cave plankway 22 Rock formation in Wind cave
23 Wind cave 24 Wind cave plankway 25 Wind cave exit 26 Trail around Wind cave 27 Wind cave signpost
28 Wind cave plankway 29 Wind cave exit 30 Plankway around Wind cave
31 Wind cave entrance with parking 32 Tasik Biru blue lake 33 Tasik Biru blue lake
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