The Maludam peninsula is located in a remote area along the coast of southwestern Sarawak. It is bordered by the Batang Lupar and the Saribas rivers. It is a lowland area with tropical rainforest, oil palm plantations and mangrove trees along the river banks and coast.
The Maludam National Park was established on the peninsula in the year 2000. With an area of 432 kmĀ² it contains the largest single patch of peat swamp forest remaining in Sarawak. The park has no tourist facilities, but can be visited by booking a boat tour in the village of Kampung Maludam.
How to get to the Maludam peninsula
Currently the only way to visit the Maludam peninsula is to drive there by car, either from Kuching taking the Batang Lupar ferry or from Sibu taking the Pusa ferry.
There is at least one homestay in Kampung Maludam (Homestay Maludam, organises trips to the Maludam national park). The other option is to stay in Pusa.
01 Batang Sadong bridge 02 Bridge over Batang Sadong river
03 Jambatan Batang Sadong 04 Sadong bridge 05 Car queue for Batang Lupar ferry 06 Mangroves along Batang Lupar river
07 Mangroves along Batang Lupar river 08 Car queue for Batang Lupar ferry 09 Oil palm plantation 10 Cars on Batang Lupar ferry
11 Motorbikes on Batang Lupar ferry 12 Cars on Batang Lupar ferry 13 Command bridge of Batang Lupar ferry 14 People on Batang Lupar ferry
15 Soon Hua Hong II ferry on Batang Lupar river 16 Batang Lupar river
17 Kampung Maludam 18 Sungai Maludam river 19 Sungai Maludam river
20 Kampung Maludam 21 Kampung Maludam village 22 Scenery on Maludam peninsula 23 Pusa ferry
24 Pusa ferry 25 Primrose II Pusa ferry 26 Pusa ferry unloading cars 27 Pusa car ferry 28 Primrose II Pusa ferry
29 Batang Saribas river at sunset 30 Pusa ferry crossing Batang Saribas river
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