Near the Kubah national park lies the Matang wildlife centre, which supposedly is dedicated to the rehabilitation of animals. Visitors can visit through a circular path a number of animals living in cages (sambar deer, bearcats, porcupines, crocodiles etc.). There is also a larger cage for orang utans, which however was not accessible at the time of visiting. The cages are surrounded by forest, to give the animals a more natural environment. Perhaps the animals are released to the wild after a period of rehabilitation (?). There is some Accommodation at the wildlife centre, a number of chalets which visitors to the site can use. Since there is no public transportation to the Matang wildlife centre, the only way to get there is either by private car or by taxi.
01 Walkway 02 Sambar deer enclosure 03 Sambar deer 04 Sambar deer
05 Cage 06 Binturong bearcat 07 Porcupine
08 Chalets for tourists 09 Rainforest
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