The Tangkoko Batuangus nature reserve is a coastal national park in northern Sulawesi, at the westernmost tip of the island. The nature reserve covers an area of 8800 hectares and consists of rainforest. It includes three mountains, of which the highest (Mt Dua Saudara) is 1361m high. The reserve was initially set up in 1919 with a small conservation area around Mount Tangkoko, which was expanded in 1978 and 1981. Inside the Tangkoko Batuangus nature reserve it is possible to see among others Celebes crested macaques, tarsiers, bear cuscuses and several bird species.
There is an entry fee of 100000 IDR (150000 IDR on weekends). I spent two nights in Tangkoko and used a guide provided by the Tangkoko ranger homestay, where I was staying. My stay included two evening walks in the reserve (4:30pm-8pm) and a morning one (6am-10am), each costing IDR 250000. We spotted tarsers both in the first evening trip and in the morning trip. Celebes crested macaques were everywhere, while it took some effort to find hornbills and cuscus bears.
How to get to the Tangkoko Batuangus nature reserve
The simplest way to reach the reserve is to charter a taxi in Manado or book a tour. The reserve is 60km from Manado and getting there takes about one hour and a half.
It's possible to stay in Manado, but near the reserve there are a number of hotels, guesthouses and homestays. Some of these are bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Mt Tangkoko 02 Tangkoko volcano 03 Mt Dua Saudara 04 Mt Dua Saudara
05 Mt Tangkoko 06 Nephila pilipes spider 07 Cyrestis strigata butterfly 08 Assassin fly 09 Cicada
10 Fulgoridae insect 11 Fulgoridae insect 12 Lantern fly 13 Lantern flies Scamandra Tethis 14 Dipterocarp tree
15 Dipterocarp trees 16 Dipterocarp tree 17 Celebes crested macaque 18 Celebes crested macaque 19 Celebes crested macaque
20 Celebes crested macaque 21 Celebes crested macaque 22 Spectral tarsier 23 Spectral tarsier 24 Spectral tarsier 25 Spectral tarsier
26 Spectral tarsier 27 Selenocosmia tarantula spider 28 Papilio gigon butterfly 29 Papilio gigon butterfly 30 Celebes crested macaque
31 Celebes crested macaques 32 Celebes crested macaque 33 Celebes crested macaque 34 Celebes crested macaque
35 Celebes crested macaque 36 Celebes crested macaque 37 Celebes crested macaques 38 Celebes crested macaques with baby
39 Celebes crested macaques 40 Celebes crested macaque with baby 41 Celebes crested macaque 42 Purple-winged roller bird 43 Purple-winged roller bird
44 Blue-naped parrots 45 Blue-naped parrots 46 Blue-naped parrots 47 African tulip tree 48 Sulawesi bear cuscus
49 Sulawesi bear cuscus 50 Sulawesi bear cuscus 51 Sulawesi bear cuscus 52 Male knobbed hornbill 53 Sulawesi wrinkled hornbill
54 Male knobbed hornbill 55 Sulawesi wrinkled hornbill 56 Couple of spectral tarsiers 57 Couple of spectral tarsiers
58 Couple of spectral tarsiers 59 Couple of spectral tarsiers 60 Couple of spectral tarsiers 61 Red-backed thrush bird
62 Red-backed thrush bird 63 Red-backed thrush bird 64 Philippine scrubfowl bird 65 Celebes crested macaque 66 Giant golden orb weaver spider
67 Nephila pilipes spider 68 Nephila pilipes spider 69 Black sand beach 70 Black sand beach 71 Black sand beach
72 Fishermen boat 73 Black sand beach 74 Black sand beach 75 Fishermen boat
76 Fishermen boat 77 Fishermen boat 78 Fishermen boat 79 Selenocosmia tarantula spider 80 Philippine scrubfowl bird
81 Philippine scrubfowl bird 82 Selenocosmia tarantula spider
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