The Minahasa district is an area of highlands in northern Sulawesi, located south of Manado.
Lake Linow is a small volcanic lake south of Tomohon. On its shore there is a nice cafe with a terrace and views of a nearby volcano. The colour of the water of the lake can change over time due to hydrothermal vents which change the chemical composition of the lake water.
Bukit Kasih is a religious site in northern Sulawesi. It's in the middle of nowhere, 25km south of Tomohon. Here there are some shrines, temples, Christian chapels on a slope from which sulphurous gases are emitted.
Lake Tondano is the largest lake in northern Sulawesi. It lies at 680m of altitude and has a surface area of 48kmĀ². The lake is not very deep (the depth is in the 10-30m range). Around the lake there are a number of cafes and restaurants.
How to get to Minahasa district
The easiest way is to explore the area by car or for instance by taking a tour from Manado.
A good base from which to visit the area would be the city of Tomohon (or alternatively Manado).
01 Lake Linow 02 Linow lake
03 Lake Linow 04 Cafe on Linow lake 05 Linow lake
06 Lake Linow 07 Linow lake
08 Lake Linow 09 Yellow flower 10 Lake Linow
11 Christian church 12 Christian church 13 Obelisk in Bukit Kasih 14 Sulphur rock in Bukit Kasih 15 Bukit Kasih
16 Places of worship in Bukit Kasih 17 Bukit Kasih 18 Bukit Kasih
19 Sulphur gas in Bukit Kasih 20 Bukit Kasih 21 Sulphur gas in Bukit Kasih 22 Sulphur gas in Bukit Kasih
23 Lake Tondano 24 Lake Tondano
25 Lake Tondano
26 Lake Tondano 27 Man fishing in Lake Tondano
28 Lake Tondano picnic area 29 Water hyacinth in Lake Tondano 30 Water hyacinth in Lake Tondano 31 Water hyacinth in Lake Tondano
32 Tondano lake 33 Restaurant on Tondano lake 34 Woloan village
35 Valley with rice fields 36 Woloan village 37 Panoramic view with Empung volcano
38 Rice fields 39 Rice fields 40 Rice fields 41 Woloan village 42 Woloan village
43 Panoramic view with Empung volcano 44 Vases for sale in Puluten 45 Vases for sale in Puluten
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