Tomohon is a city of 105000 inhabitants located in the highlands of northern Sulawesi at an altitude of 800m, about 25km south of Manado. The local population consists of Minahasa people, who are overwhelmingly Christian.
The urban area of Tomohon doesn't have touristic highlights, although many visitors come to see the traditional market. Here, in addition to vegetables and fruits, several types of meat are sold. Besides "standard" meat (pork, chicken beef etc.) also non-standard meat such as snake (python), bat and even dog meat is sold. Eating dog meat is part of the Minahasan culture. In the market live dogs are held in cages, ready to be slaughtered when there is a demand for dog meat.
Tomohon is centrally located in the Minahasa district and is a good base from which to explore the nearby attractions (volcanoes, lakes, villages).
How to get to Tomohon
Tomohon can be easily reached by car or bus from Manado. The closest airport is in Manado.
Tomohon has a number of hotels and guesthouses, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Traditional market 02 Traditional market 03 Traditional market 04 Tomatoes
05 Selling garlic 06 Vegetables market 07 Vegetables for sale 08 Meat for sale
09 Python meat 10 Bat wings 11 Python meat 12 Python meat 13 Dogs in a cage
14 Slaughtered dogs 15 Dog meat 16 Bat meat 17 Python meat 18 Meat seller
19 Vegetables market 20 Vegetables market 21 Vegetables for sale 22 Vegetables market 23 Vegetables for sale
24 Vegetables market 25 Fish for sale 26 Fish for sale 27 Fish for sale 28 Vegetables for sale
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