The island of Bunaken is part of the Bunaken national park, a marine park in the northeast of Sulawesi near the city of Manado. Bunaken is the main touristic centre of this marine park with most tourist hotels located there. It's a small island with a characteristic banana shape, measuring 5 x 4.3km. Bunaken is relatively flat and doesn't have higher elevations. The beaches are not terribly impressive, and in fact visitors come here primarily to dive. Near Bunaken lies the Manadotua volcanic island with a highest elevation of 764m.
The largest island of the Bunaken marine park is Mantehage, a relatively flat island covered with forests and mangroves.
How to get to Bunaken
There are ferry connections in Manado allowing to reach Bunaken in a bit over half an hour.
Being a major dive centre, Bunaken has many hotels, dive resorts and homestays, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Dolphins 02 Pulau Bunaken
03 Bunaken and Manadotua islands
04 Pier on southern tip 05 Pier on southern tip 06 Bunaken village
07 Bunaken village 08 Beach
09 Southeastern coast 10 Resort on Bunaken 11 Resort on Bunaken
12 Pulau Bunaken
13 Western coast 14 Resort on Bunaken
15 Resort on Bunaken 16 Diver boat 17 Scuba divers 18 Diver
19 Western coast 20 Bunaken and Manadotua volcano
21 Bunaken and Manadotua 22 Bunaken and Manadotua islands
23 Mantehage island 24 Bunaken
25 Beach on western coast 26 Bunaken northern coast
27 Manadotua island 28 Bunaken northern coast
29 Bunaken northern coast 30 Coral 31 Fishermen in outrigger canoe
32 Double outrigger canoe 33 Manadotua island 34 Fishermen in outrigger canoe
35 Bunaken and Manadotua islands 36 Manadotua island
37 Manadotua volcano
38 Northern coast of Bunaken
39 Northern coast of Bunaken 40 Bunaken western coast
41 Diver boat 42 Diver boat 43 Boat near southern coast
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