Tomohon is a city located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It's situated on the northern part of the island of Sulawesi, 20km south of Manado, and is known for its cool climate due to its elevated location. The city is surrounded by mountains and has become a popular destination for tourists, especially those interested in its natural beauty, unique culture, and traditional markets.
Tomohon is known for its flower markets, agriculture, and picturesque landscapes. It's also famous for hosting the annual Tomohon International Flower Festival, showcasing a wide variety of flowers and attracting visitors from different parts of Indonesia and beyond.
Lokon and Mahawu are two volcanoes, west and east of the city, easily reachable by car (Mahawu) or on foot by walking on a trail (Lokon).
How to get to Tomohon
The closest airport is the International one in Manado. Tomohon can be easily reached by car from Manado.
There are hotels and guesthouses, some bookable with the international hotel booking portals.
01 Slope of Mt Lokon 02 African tulip tree 03 African tulip tree
04 Cabbage field
05 Tomohon valley
06 Tomohon valley
07 Trail to Mt Lokon 08 Mt Lokon
09 Mt Empung 10 Crater of Lokon volcano
11 Crater of Lokon volcano 12 Vegetation on Mt Lokon 13 Crater of Lokon volcano 14 Crater of Lokon volcano
15 Crater of Lokon volcano 16 Crater of Lokon volcano 17 View from Lokon towards Tomohon valley
18 Mt Lokon volcano 19 Crater of Lokon volcano 20 Crater of Lokon volcano
21 Sulfur deposits in volcano crater 22 Fumaroles 23 Fumaroles 24 Fumaroles
25 Bottom of crater 26 Fumaroles 27 Lokon volcano crater
28 Lokon volcano crater 29 Lokon volcano crater 30 Volcanic crater
31 Bottom of crater 32 Pachystachys lutea lollipop plant 33 Collapsed roof of house 34 Mahawu volcano
35 Chinese cabbage field 36 Mahawu volcano 37 Trail to Mahawu volcano 38 Mahawu volcano
39 Mahawu volcano crater 40 Mahawu volcano 41 Mahawu volcano 42 Mahawu volcano
43 Mahawu volcano crater 44 Mahawu volcano 45 Volcanic cones near Mt Mahawu 46 Volcanic cones near Mt Mahawu
47 Volcanic cones near Mt Mahawu 48 Volcanic cones near Mt Mahawu 49 Scoot aeroplane in Manado
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