Gorontalo is a province located in northern Sulawesi. Its capital city is also named Gorontalo. Gorontalo has a number of natural attractions, mainly beaches along its southern and northern coastlines and some islands. It's also a convenient starting point from where to explore national parks in the area: Bogani Nani Wartabone and Nantu. Along the southern coasts there are whale sharks which can be spotted by taking a boat ride.
Gorontalo is not a major tourist destination in Sulawesi, but receives some visitors because it lies along the north-south Sulawesi trail, from Manado to Makassar (via the Togean islands, Tentana and Tana Toraja.
In terms of governance, Gorontalo was officially established as a province in 2000, after being part of the province of North Sulawesi. The province has a diverse population, with the majority being Muslims, but also a significant Christian and animist minority.
Overall, Gorontalo is a unique and fascinating part of Indonesia, with its own distinct culture, cuisine, and natural beauty.
How to get to Gorontalo
Gorontalo has an airport with flights to some Indonesian destinations. It also can be reached by ferry or car.
Gorontalo has a number of hotels, bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Gorontalo airport 02 Gorontalo airport
03 Hotel Grand Q 04 Gorontalo mall
05 Leato bay 06 Boats in the sea 07 Boats in the sea
08 Botubarani whale shark departure point 09 Road along southern coast 10 Olele marine park
11 Beach at Olele marine park 12 Olele marine park 13 Boat with tourists in Olele marine park
14 Olele marine park 15 Olele marine park
16 Oluhuta bay 17 Oluhuta bay 18 Oluhuta bay
19 Oluhuta bay 20 Oluhuta bay
21 Colonial era building 22 Bele Li Mbui building 23 Colonial era building 24 Government building
25 Government building 26 Fountain 27 General election supervisory agency
28 Government building 29 Government building
30 Wall with bas-relief 31 Government building
32 Kwandang harbour 33 Outrigger canoe in Kwandang harbour 34 Boats in Kwandang harbour
35 Mohinggito island 36 Mohinggito island 37 Mohinggito island 38 Mohinggito island beach
39 Mohinggito island beach 40 Mohinggito island beach
41 Mohinggito island beach 42 Mohinggito island beach 43 Mohinggito island beach
44 Mohinggito island beach 45 Raft with hut 46 Saronde island
47 Saronde island 48 Saronde island
49 Coastline in Ponelo Kepulauan 50 Northern Sulawesi coast
51 KM Camara Nusantara ship 52 Mangroves 53 Mangroves 54 Kwandang harbour
55 Wings Air ATR 72 plane in Gorontalo airport 56 Wings Air ATR 72 plane in Gorontalo airport 57 Garuda Indonesia plane in Gorontalo airport 58 Wings Air ATR 72 plane in Gorontalo airport
59 Wings Air ATR 72 plane in Gorontalo airport 60 ATR 72 plane 61 Scimitar propeller
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