Sentosa is a small island of 5 sq km to the south of Singapore on which a large theme park and recreation centre has been built. This offers a number of attractions, such as the Universal Film Studios, a large casino, golf courses, an aquarium and more. Sentosa was originally used as a military base.
01 Monorail to Sentosa island 02 Near the Universal Studios 03 Near the Universal Studios
04 Fountain 05 Local bus 06 Staircase near Siloso beach station 07 Seal 08 Girl and seal
09 Seal performing with ball 10 Seal performing with ball 11 Seal show girl 12 Yellow fish in aquarium 13 Dolphin performing with ball 14 Dolphin performing with ball
15 Dolphin show 16 Dolphin show 17 Dolphin show 18 Dolphin jumping through ring
19 Houses on stilts 20 View of Sentosa island from Harbourfront 21 Night view of Sentosa island from Harbourfront
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