Little India, the area around Serangoon road, is an ethnic neighbourhood where there is a concentration of shops selling south Indian (mainly Tamil) products.
01 Shophouses in Dunlop street 02 Shophouse in Dunlop street 03 Dunlop street 04 Internet cafe in Dunlop street 05 Shophouse in Dunlop street 06 Shophouse in Dunlop street
07 Covered walkway 08 Covered walkway 09 Covered walkway 10 Covered walkway 11 Serangoon road 12 Shophouses in Serangoon road
13 Furniture shop in Clive street 14 Shophouses 15 Little India arcade 16 Street 17 Yellow house
18 Inncrowd backpackers hostel 19 Colonial style house facade
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