Singapore has a number of pictoresque mosques. The Adbul Gafoor mosque in 41 Dunlop Street in Little India (nearest underground station: Little India) is a beautiful building in yellow and green. Construction started in 1907 and the mosque was to serve the needs of the South Indian muslim community. The Sultan mosque lies in 3 Muscat Street (nearest underground station: Little India). The mosque was originally built between 1824-26 and rebuilt one century later in 1924 in Saracenic style with a golden dome.
01 Adbul Gafoor mosque 02 Adbul Gafoor mosque 03 Adbul Gafoor mosque 04 Minaret of Adbul Gafoor mosque 05 Adbul Gafoor mosque
06 Interior of Adbul Gafoor mosque 07 Arches in Adbul Gafoor mosque 08 Adbul Gafoor mosque interior decorations 09 Adbul Gafoor mosque interior 10 Golden dome of Sultan mosque 11 Sultan mosque
12 Sultan mosque 13 Sultan mosque 14 Sultan mosque 15 Sultan mosque 16 Sultan mosque
17 Sultan mosque 18 Bussorah street and Sultan mosque 19 Bussorah street and Sultan mosque 20 Sultan mosque 21 Green Masjid Jamae Chulia mosque 22 Muslim man in Jamae mosque
23 Al Abrar mosque 24 Nagore Durgha muslim shrine
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