Marina Bay is the area around the estuary of the Singapore river. This area has experienced significant development since the 1970s, when the first land reclamation activities started. In 2008 the Marina Barrage was built, turning Marina Bay into a freshwater reservoir. Several new buildings and skyscrapers have been built and are still being built along Marina Bay: the Esplanade theatre, the Marina Bay Sands casino and resort and the Sands expo and convention centre, the Float at Marina Bay floating theatre stage, the DNA helix pedestrian bridge and more.
01 Mandarin Oriental hotel 02 Marina Bay Sands resort 03 Marina Bay Sands resort
04 Marina bay with esplanade theatre 05 Marina Bay Sands resort 06 Esplanade theatre
07 Esplanade theatre 08 Esplanade 09 Esplanade 10 Marina Bay pedestrian bridge 11 Marina Bay DNA helix pedestrian bridge
12 Double helix bridge 13 Bayfront avenue
14 Marina bay
15 Marina bay 16 Art Science museum 17 Art Science museum
18 Marina Bay Sands resort 19 Marina Bay Sands resort 20 Art Science museum 21 Art Science museum
22 Art Science museum and palm trees 23 Art Science museum
24 Marina Bay at dusk
25 Marina Bay at night 26 Marina Bay at night
27 Marina Bay at night 28 Marina Bay Sands resort at night 29 Marina Bay Sands resort at night
30 Esplanade theatre at night 31 Marina bay
32 Esplanade at sunset 33 Joggers at sunset
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