Boti is a small village located at 600m of altitude in the mountains of West Timor, about 15km inland from the southern coast. It consists of a number of huts built in traditional style on the slop of a hill, built among trees which provide shade. There are about 300 inhabitants who depend on agriculture for a living. The village has an own king. The adult men in the village do not cut their hair and tie it behind their heads when it gets too long. The village is accessible via a very rough mountain road, basically a dirt track. Visitors are allowed into the village if they arrive with a guide. Accommodation is available in the huts and is rather basic.
01 Villagers 02 The king and the boy 03 Boy 04 Staircase 05 Hut
06 Staircase 07 Hut 08 Women and child 09 Hut 10 Gazebo
11 Smiling woman 12 The king 13 Villagers 14 Villagers 15 Trees and stars
16 Huts 17 Tree and sun 18 Weawing woman 19 Weawing woman
20 Woman
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