The interior of West Timor consists mainly of mountains and some plains near Kupang with savannah-like landscapes. West Timor lies in the tropics, but receives less rain than a typical tropical island and is therefore more dry. The Oehala recreation area contains a waterfall and is a popular destination for local people.
01 Mountains 02 Dam and lake 03 Southwest Timor 04 Noel Besi river
05 Noel Besi river 06 Tribal symbol 07 Sugar palm trees 08 Southern Timor landscape
09 Southern Timor landscape 10 Tree trunk 11 Southern Timor landscape 12 Betel nuts
13 Staircase to Oehala 14 Oehala waterfall 15 Oehala waterfall 16 Oehala waterfall 17 Oehala recreation area
18 Oehala recreation area 19 Oehala recreation area 20 Central Timor mountains
21 Casuarina tree forest 22 Casuarina tree forest 23 Road at 1300m altitude
24 Central Timor mountains with Gunung Mutis 25 Casuarina tree forest
26 River valley 27 River valley
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