Fatumnasi is a traditional village located in the mountains of West Timor at 1527m of altitude, almost in its exact geographic centre, not far from Gunung Mutis, the highest mountain in West Timor. The village consists of a number of traditional huts with a conical roof made out of palm tree leaves, one for each family. There are also a number of non-traditional huts with corrugated tin roofs. The village is accessible via an unpaved dirt road and is about two hours by car from Kefamenanu. The air in Fatumnasi is quite fresh and the scenery is almost alpine.
01 Dirt road 02 Tin roof huts 03 Children 04 Huts
05 Huts 06 Hut
07 Roof 08 Roof 09 Hut 10 Hut
11 Mountain 12 Bull
13 Meadow 14 Trees and mountains 15 Village chief 16 Village chief
17 Rocks 18 Road with damaged surface
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