Kupang is the regional capital of the West Timor province and the main travel hub of the area. It's also the biggest city with 350000 inhabitants. Kupang is located along the coast, at the southwestern tip of West Timor. It's a relatively unimpressive place with not much to see, except perhaps the centre with the traditional market. It's mainly used by tourists as an arrival and departure point, from which to start tours to the interior of West Timor. The airport is about 15 minutes by car from the centre of Kupang.
01 Kupang airport 02 Lion Air ATR-72 plane in Kupang 03 Taxi driver 04 Fish for sale
05 Grilling fish 06 Grilled fish 07 Mosque 08 Pertamina petrol station 09 River
10 Women washing clothes in the river 11 Women washing clothes in the river 12 Vegetables market 13 Soya beans 14 Vegetables
15 Chillies for sale 16 Pig for sale 17 Garuda street 18 Grilled fish
19 Airport departures hall 20 Citilink jet in Kupang airport
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