The city of Sheki (Şəki in Azerbaijani) is located in northwestern Azerbaijan along the Causasus mountain range. Due to its historical heritage, it's one of the places of interest in Azerbaijan usually visited by tourists.
Sheki has been settled for at least 2700 years, although the historical structures in Sheki (the Khan palace, the caravanserai, the mosques) are more recent and date back to the 18th century. The Khan palace is in the upper part of Sheki and is in a small park surrounded by a wall. Inside this compound there is a nicely decorated palace building. The caravanserai is a bit further down the road. Also this is fortified from the outside, with about 100 rooms in the inside on an inner court.
How to get to Sheki
While it is possible to reach Sheki by train, the most convenient option is to get in by car, either a taxi or a rented car. It's also possible to get to Sheki by bus or minibus.
There are a number of Accommodation options at all price levels, including the Saray hotel and the caravanserai.
01 Sheki Khan palace 02 Khan palace outer wall 03 Sheki
04 Albanian church 05 Albanian church 06 Sheki 07 Houses in Sheki
08 Xan Bagi restaurant 09 Pond 10 Sheki Saray hotel
11 Park in central Sheki 12 Gate to Sheki Khan palace 13 Palace of Sheki khans
14 Palace of Shaki khans 15 Grocery 16 Sheki caravanserai 17 Caravanserai entrance hall
18 Caravanserai colonnade 19 Caravanserai inner court 20 Sheki Caravanserai
21 Caravanserai 22 Caravanserai entrance hall 23 Imam Ali mosque 24 Imam Ali mosque
25 Sheki Palace hotel 26 Staircase and souvenir shop 27 Omar Efendi mosque 28 Friday mosque
29 Hamam bath 30 Hamam dome 31 Pavement 32 Statue of Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh
33 Statue of Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh 34 Church 35 Goose crossing street
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