Lahic is village in Azerbaijan, located at 1375m of altitude in the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus. It is one of the most ancient human settlements in Azerbaijan and is populated by Iranian Tat people, who inhabited the area long before the Turkic Azeri people arrived. Lahic is a picturesque village, famous for its traditional coppersmiths. It's a quite small place - most houses are along the central street, which extends for a few hundred metres. Lahic can be reached by turning to the north from the road between Baku and Sheki and driving for 20km along the river valley.
01 Ghirdiman river and bridge 02 Ghirdiman river 03 Hills 04 Ghirdiman river 05 Girdiman river valley
06 Shops in Lahic 07 Main street 08 Lahic 09 Dried flowers and spices
10 Dried flowers and spices 11 Dried flowers 12 Dried flowers 13 Lahic
14 Lahic 15 Traditional houses 16 Alley 17 Mosque 18 Path
19 Rocks in river bed 20 Ghirdiman river
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