The Juma mosque of Shamakhy (Şamaxı Cümə Məscidi in Azerbaijani) was initially built in 743 AD. Over time it was seriously damaged and reconstructed a number of times. In 1859 and 1902 it was again damaged by earthquakes. During the march genocide of 1918 Armenian nationalists set the mosque on fire. The mosque was extensively restored and rebuilt in 2010-2013 under president Ilham Aliyev.
01 Juma mosque 02 Juma mosque 03 Juma mosque
04 Main entrance and minaret 05 Main entrance 06 Central dome 07 Juma mosque 08 Roof
09 Roof 10 Prayer hall 11 Islamic calligraphy 12 Mihrab 13 Roof
14 Main prayer hall 15 Prayer hall
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