In the village of Kish, about 4km north of Sheki, there is a small Albanian church in good preservation status which has been converted to a museum.
The church of Kish (Kiş kilsəsi in Azerbaijani, also known as Church of Saint Elishe) dates back to the 12th or 13th century. It's built on the site of an earlier worship site set up by St. Elishe in the 1st century AD. The church is located inside a compound with some archaeological excavations.
The church interior contains no decorations but there are some exhibits. Outside in the compound there is a nice garden and an open tomb where you can see the skeleton of a human in the ground.
How to get to the Kish church
The simplest way is to take a taxi in Sheki (15 AZN to go and come back). Alternatively it is possible to walk from Sheki.
People usually stay in a hotel in nearby Sheki.
01 Church 02 Gate 03 Church 04 Roof with chandelier 05 Church interior
06 Lamp 07 Chandelier 08 Inner courtyard 09 Sarcophagus
10 Grave with skeleton 11 Road to church 12 Bust of Thor Heyerdahl
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