Qabala (also known as Gabala or Qəbələ in Azerbaijani) is a small city of 13000 inhabitants, located along the road from Baku to Sheki, 220km from Baku and 87 from Sheki. Qabala has been as early as the 4th century BC ancient the capital of Caucasian Albania, a historical region of the eastern Caucasus. Nowadays Qabala is a tourist centre with many hotels, popular due to its location close to the mountains and the good climate.
01 Qabala district court 02 Qabala mosque 03 Minaret 04 Qabala district court 05 Qabala mosque
06 Mosque facade 07 R9 road 08 R9 road 09 Statue of Ismayil Bey Gutgashinli 10 Qabala mosque
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