The Yeddi Gumbaz mausoleum is a cemetery on a hill close to Shamakhi, 120km west of Baku. The cemetery dates back to the 18th-19th centuries and contains several gravestones and a number of mausoleums, of which only three are intact and the remainder have no more cupola. The mausoleums were built for the family of Mustafa khan, the last khan of Shamakhi. Nowadays the cemetery is abandoned and in disuse.
01 Mausoleums 02 Gravestones 03 Gravestones
04 Cemetery 05 Gravestone 06 Gravestones 07 Gravestones
08 Flower seeds and snail 09 View of Shamakhi 10 Mausoleums
11 Mausoleum 12 Inside a mausoleum 13 Mausoleum interior 14 Gravestone
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