Al Ain is a city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate adjacent to the border to Oman, 140km west of Abu Dhabi and 125km south of Dubai. The city has developed around an oasis in the desert and has been inhabited for over 4000 years. Al Ain is a very green place, with carefully choreographed gardens. As with most cities in the U.A.E. also Al Ain is a very modern place with shopping malls, with few historical buildings, one of them being the Jahili fort. The Al Ain oasis contains date palms and extends over 1200 hectare in the centre of Al Ain. Near Al Ain is Jebel Hafeet, a mountain with a good view of the area. North of Al Ain lies the Hili archaelogical park.
Al Jahili fort photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Al Jahili fort
The city photo gallery  - 27 pictures of The city
Al Ain national museum photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Al Ain national museum
13 photos of the Al Jahili fort in central Al Ain, which was built in 1898 by Sheikh Zayed I
27 photos of the city of Al Ain, a relatively large urban centre in the U.A.E. desert
14 photos of the Al Ain national museum, the oldest museum of the U.A.E.
Hili archaeological park photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Hili archaeological park
19 photos of the Hili archaeological park, a UNESCO world heritage site dating back to the the 3rd millennium BC
Jebel Hafeet photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Jebel Hafeet
9 photos of Jebel Hafeet, a 1240 metres tall mountain near Al Ain
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