Khor Fakkan (also spelled as Khorfakkan, Khawr Fakkan or خورفكان in Arabic‎) is a city located on the Gulf of Oman, 30km south of Dibba and 25km north of Fujairah. It belongs to the emirate of Sharjah, but is surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah. The city has an important container port, the only deep sea water port. Khor Fakkan lies in a bay surrounded by mountains, and has a comfortable beach and a recreation area, frequently visited by Emiratis. The sea water is green, either due to pollution or due to sea algae. The area around Khor Fakkan has been settled since the 3rd millenium BC.
01 Mosque 02 Domes and minaret 03 Minaret+ 04 Mosque entrance 05 Mosque entrance
06 Meadow and beach 07 Beach 08 Green sea water 09 Playground and beach
10 Playing football on the beach 11 Promenade 12 Promenade 13 E99 coastal road
14 Hotel Oceanic and Al Dana ballroom 15 Fast food outlet
16 Park 17 Playground 18 Emirati family
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