The Hili archaeological park lies in a nicely landscaped compound about 10km north of the centre of Al Ain, on the site of a Bronze age (3rd millennium BC) site of the Umm an-Nar culture. The park contains the remains of two circular tombs, of which a 12 meter diameter one has been reconstructed. It also contains the remains of an ancient settlement and the foundations of a building. The cultural sites of Al Ain (Hafit, Hili, Bidaa Bint Saud and Oases Areas) have been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2011.
01 Hili tower B 02 Hili tower B 03 Hili tower A
04 Flowerbeds and meadow 05 Hili grand tomb 06 Grand tomb
07 Carvings on tomb 08 Hili 1 settlement
09 Hili 1 settlement
10 Hili 1 settlement
11 Hili 1 settlement 12 Tree 13 Date palms on meadow
14 Date palms on meadow 15 Hili 1 settlement 16 Tomb window with decorations
17 Hili tomb 18 Hili tomb
19 Hili 10 building foundations
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