Fujairah is an emirate of the UAE which lies entirely on the Gulf of Oman. It joined the United Arab Emirates in 1971. The city of Fujiarah lies on the coast, 100 km east of Dubai and 120km south of the Musandam peninsula. The city itself is unremarkable from a tourist perspective, as Fujairah is mainly a commercial and business centre (it has a big harbour). Most buildings are quite modern. There is a concentration of hotels around the Hamad bin Abdullah road. Fujairah has a beach with brown sand along the Corniche.
01 Sheikh Zayed mosque 02 Ibis hotel 03 City Tower hotel 04 Coral Suites hotel 05 Hamad bin Abdullah road 06 Hamad bin Abdullah road
07 Nour Arjaan hotel 08 Ibis hotel 09 Nour Arjaan hotel 10 Hotel Concorde 11 City Tower hotel
12 Roundabout 13 Corniche road
14 Beach 15 Beach 16 Fujairah tower
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